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Dating someone in a different culture

First of all why do men come to Ukraine and meet with Ukrainian girls? It is difficult to define why such good couple but cannot be together. When a man goes 1000 km to meet with a girl, the girl at first think that she is special and wants to feel special. A simple gift with 3 roses will not make a girl to feel special. Roses are just the sign of attention and it is important too.Of course here are many beautiful girls and they are family oriented. I think there are three main points that you have to think about if you want to marry Ukrainian girl. Sometimes man thinks girl wants only presents from him.

Girl wants to be satisfied in everything: every day attention that she has, shopping that she make, her hairstyle, her clothes, her children and so on. If girl ask about a gift the kind of gift is not important for her. I can not advise what to do if you want to marry a girl from Ukraine but you have to think about this tips if you have made such decision.

Have you noticed an increase in intercultural marriages between Russian women and foreign men?

Perhaps this is due to the fact that very few men can resist the delights of an intelligent, beautiful and loving woman from Russia.

Just compare what girl thinks in different ages: Girl is 19 she thinks to find wealthy young handsome man.

Girl is 20 she thinks to find wealthy man and marry him.

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