Dating software for macintosh

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Dating software for macintosh

Hughes, Editor and Publisher Jaguar Magazine: "Vuescan is like magic and transformed the program which came with my expensive Cano Scan FS4000 slide scanner all those years ago.

I am a professional small business magazine and book publisher ( and your Vuescan allows me to scan anything to the same standard as the 'big boys', saving me a small fortune and giving me the flexibility I need to publish on time. With one of Norway's largest aviation photo archives on slide, Kjell Granlund of Scandinavian Aviation Photography has used to Vue Scan to digitize around 15,000 images and is still adding new slides. Kjell says: "Without batch-scanning in Vue Scan this task would have been impossible.

He worked for three years at NASA/JPL as a programmer, and worked at Boeing as a programmer and manager for ten years. Before Hamrick Software, David worked as a contract i OS developer, primarily for Mercury Intermedia."Vue Scan lets me extract the maximum possible from the scanner" Winfried Schwolgin writes for photography journals in Germany, is an active member in a regional photography club, and is the author of a book in Germany about Digitale Dunkelkammertechnik, (Digital Darkroom Techniques)."Vue Scan lets me integrate all my scanners into a color management workflow" Les.David is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University where he studied Computer Engineering and Engineering management.David currently lives in Nashville, TN after having lived in England for 10 years.

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I wanted to thank you for continuously upgrading this product over the years. Scanning thousands of negatives and glass plates, David Phillips uses industry-leading product Vue Scan to ensure survival of photographic history.