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We don't have a lot of people from India in our forum, but you just never know, there might be another gay man from India lurking here!

I have several gay friends, some of them even are legally married. You are always welcome here, stop by any time you like!

Well, i always felt odd when people stare at you as if you are alien or they will ask directly whats wrong with your skin. Does anyone know any dating site or any thing else, How to go about it and make my life bit better than before. : ) I understand that you would want to talk with someone like yourself, but since it is so hard to do, maybe just being on a board talking with all different kinds of people would help.

When i was a kid , i used to feel bad and sometimes cried knowing that i have to embrace the fact that I have psoriasis and it is not curable. Since this is mostly Westerners here, I'm sure you will meet people who are openly gay and not worried about being in trouble for it. Good luck : ) You sound like a very confident and lovely person.

During the same time , I was in adolescence stage and I realized that i am different. I couldn't share with anyone but i always felt nice to be in company with my best friends. I have met few gay people but they are not interested as I have P. I looked at all the dating sites and I didn't find any gay with P in India. But obvious, its long distance and different culture. Honestly, at this point i am looking for someone who is a Gay with P. Hi Nilmov Psoriasis does not discriminate so I am sure that you will find many friends here! More specifically, I'm bisexual, with two loving partners, male and female. I can scarcely conceive of what it must be like to live under such oppression, and I admire your courage.

When you begin explaining your condition, don’t forget to go into how psoriasis affects your ability to participate in certain activities.If your patches are not easy to hide, you may actually have the timing factor taken out of your control.Then the best thing is to explain it, similar to how this one woman did: “my immune system is misreading things and my body is producing more skin cells than it should.” Then explain that it is not contagious and a little bit about what causes it.Knowing that a potential partner is also dealing with the same condition, can often ease you past the awkward first stage and immediately give you something in common. Learn to laugh and look for the humor in the small incidences surrounding your condition.If you can laugh, you’ll not only lower your stress level and reduce the chance of a flare, but you will also exude a confidence that will draw people to you.

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During my school and college, I met few lovely friends and they were supportive. After college, I started working in big IT MNCs and my career progressed. If someone cant accept you for the condition you have, then you are better off without them! If you're looking for a partner here I would suggest the following: place a journal entry, not a discussion, with the headline mentioning that you are gay and living in India.