Dating site with no pictures

Posted by / 13-Feb-2017 21:20

Dating site with no pictures

The free app pairs two users based on age, location and common interests.

The two can then start a conversation and, if all goes well, eventually choose to “reveal themselves” to the other person and un-blur their photo.

One second, if that, is all that users give to deciding whether or not that image appeals to them.

This is how “hot-or-not” dating apps have tended to work: browse through profiles and make snap judgments based on appearances.

(MORE: Apps to Help You Get Over Your Breakup) For one, it may be setting people up to be deceived.

Some are photoshopping pictures or choosing old or blurry photos for their profiles.

It devalues the experience.” But the numbers don’t lie.

Ultimately, of course, these illusions aren’t sustainable, but that doesn’t seem to deter users: Aviv Godot, CEO of photoshopping app Pixtr, says that many of his customers have been demanding direct links to apps like Tinder.

And it’s not just users who are trying to dupe other users. But, according to this week’s Kernel Magazine, the site actually does send that email not just to an elite few chosen by the company’s secret hotness algorithm (as the email implies) but to most of their user base.

Christian Rudder, co-founder and president of Ok Cupid—a site with 15 million users since it launched in 2004—says that the site’s users “don’t really look at the rest of the profile that much.” But what if they were forced to?

The founders of a new app called Twine are hoping to counter the superficiality of other dating apps by blurring out users’ photos.

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And even users of sites like or JDate—more commitment-heavy dating sites requiring higher investments of both time and money—find that attractiveness plays a key role in finding a date.