Dating site for sex offenders

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Dating site for sex offenders

Dangerous women, whether transgender or cisgender (those who aren’t trans), can in fact be placed in male prisons if they are deemed to be a risk to the safety of other women in the prison.If there was any actual evidence about trans people posing a disproportionate threat to the safety of women or society, I’m sure it would already be out there. It’s quite clear that trans people face many obstacles in society and experience stigma, discrimination and violence for who we are.We are just people, like you, wanting to live our lives without persecution.We just want to be able to be ourselves, and the reform of the Gender Recognition Act poses no threat to you or anyone else.In a report by the Ministry of Justice, we discover there are currently a total of 70 trans prisoners (that’s different groups of trans people, not just trans women) held in 33 different prisons in England and Wales.This is the first and only official statistic on transgender prisoners in England and Wales.This study has been conducted to understand the potential impact of proposed gender recognition reform on female inmates.

Given that they keep referring to trans women as “trans identified males”, I’m not holding my breath that their analysis actually goes beyond a superficial understanding of transgender identities.It is no coincidence that this research has surfaced as the Government has announced they will be reforming the Gender Recognition Act (2004), allowing trans people to self-identify without needing a psychiatric evaluation from a medical professional to confirm they are trans.For those advocating against this change, they claim it will make it easier for dangerous offenders to claim to be trans in order to access women’s prisons and abuse and endanger women and their dignity in prison.We agree that all prisoners deserve dignity and respect, including transwomen."Update: An earlier version of this article relied on information contained on the Ministry of Justice website, which wrongly stated that Rye Hill houses any prisoners.In fact, G4S, which runs the jail, has confirmed that it now has only sex offenders as inmates.

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Trans women can face a harrowing reality in prison and recently two trans women have taken their own lives after having been placed in men’s prison.