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This is typically used for a one-night-stand and includes things like a toothbrush, condoms, and a hairbrush. Used in a sentence: "I forgot my shack pack so I was stuck brushing my teeth with my finger." Definition: AF stands for "as fuck." But it is commonly used to describe someone who is super single.

So, someone is "single AF."Used in a sentence: "I haven't gotten laid in months.

I am single AF." Definition: An acronym for "that hoe over there," though it's usually not translated literally.

Thot can be used to describe someone in a negative way, or also can be used in a positive/playful way.

Men, if you want to go on a 2nd date with this girl, don’t do this, even if she offers.This is a comfortable, exciting, and scary state that usually involves too much pressure, meeting the family, and some form of physical intimacy.— Meet up for coffee A very casual and non-committal phrase used by a male when he kinda, sorta, maybe, but not really, wants to ask a female out.Used in a sentence: "We've been talking for a couple months.She's cool but it's nothing serious." Definition: A thirst trap is when someone posts a photo to induce "thirst" or longing from someone else in a subtle way.

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Usually these posts are by bitter single females wanting to remind men everywhere that they are – A condition where you pull out your phone every 10 minutes to see if your crush has text you back or if your scruffy Bagel has ‘liked’ you.

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