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And loitering high school kids in front of any house for longer than loading or unloading would be considered suspicious behavior and I would ask them to move on or call the cops if they did not comply. Look around your area and see how the no parking areas look and copy it...

REVIEWED BY ONLINE DATING COUNCIL Since its inception, Passion Search has quickly proven itself to be the pinnacle in online dating for those that are looking for love and romance.As long as the person is not blocking your driveway, parked in front of a hydrant, etc, relax and find something else, something IMPORTANT to complain about.Im so tired of our neighbors daughter and her friends park outside our house, i turn the sprinklers on to get their cars wet so they would get the message but they are so ditsy they did even notice.we have apartments at the end of the street and they have very minimal parking.When they have parties, or company they always park in front of our house and we have to park down the street.

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Better yet, get a remote controlled sprinkler and the you can "just so happen to be watering the lawn" when these morons show up.