Dating revolution ru

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Dating revolution ru

A team of journalists, experts, designers, animators and illustrators joined together to create a project that helps us to find out about the history of 1917 first-hand.

The project creators scoured archives and storerooms for texts, photographs and videos, many of which have never seen the light of day before. All the texts have been taken from genuine documents written by historical figures: letters, memoirs, diaries, and other historical documents.

In the beginning of the XX century painters and composers were looking for a way to visualise music.

Skopje narrowly avoided the Kiev scenario of late-February 2014 due to the diligent reaction of the citizenry, though the country's crisis is still far from over.The exhibition “British Design: from William Morris to the Digital Revolution” will let you make short excursus to the past and future of British design: from classics of the XIX century to the main tendencies of the present.Rate Date – is a social network, providing a unique opportunity to hold an online video date auction.Though Morris looked up to a medieval craftsman producing every object manually, his aesthetics wasn´t simply a copy of the cultural heritage of the past.His art system was based on creative synthesis and reinvention of English Gothic and nature.

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For now, at least, the best thing that Russia can do is to vocally proclaim its full and unconditional political support for the Macedonian authorities and offer them whatever forms of assistance they might request in the forthcoming days, including counter-Hybrid War advisory support from the country's top experts and institutions, whether delivered publicly or clandestinely in accordance with Skopje's preferences.