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We are regularly approached by venues looking to have the cheekiest in the world of dating to their spots.

We say yes to a very few - limiting it to locales that are at once casually hip and comfortably relaxing.

This is a book about building a better relationship with God. We will be taking the time to post chapter by chapter of this book.

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Gone are the name-tags, shouting and over-the-top party trimmings.

Meeting your special someone shouldn't be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Only the “L” was capitalised after the mid 60s style.If you or your loved one (child, adolescent, or partner) seems to be stuck in repeating behaviours, or patterns that are stretching your patience and energy reserves, you've come to the right place. This includes valuing who you are, how you came to be and what you are presently seeking for yourself--whether it's reducing unwanted emotions, thoughts or behaviours, improving your relationships, or simply feeling better about yourself.""When we feel safe, we can begin to heal and grow.I'm here to help shoulder some of the emotional weight you've been carrying, and to let you know there is hope, tangible tools and strategies, and positive change on the other side of bravely stepping into this process.""Everything can be broken down into small and manageable steps, and even small shifts can produce significant change and offer much needed relief. I know this from my own experience and from my years of helping people reduce their suffering and find their way through difficult or confusing times. I provide a comprehensive counselling approach for individuals (including kids) struggling with anxiety and stress. I also work with symptoms of depression, couple relationship problems, work-life balance struggles and parenting difficulties.""I work with adults, youth and children.

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