Dating men down low windows xp connecting to wireless network validating identity

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Dating men down low

Sneaking around and keeping all this on the down low (or undercover so to speak)hasnt done any good to anyone. There are responsible people out there but they get a bad wrap cause of those who dont think before they act.No sense pointing fingers really..blame the black culture for being homophobic but these people are adults and all cultures have been harsh towards gays, lesbians and bisexual people! We've known about AIDS for quite some time and condoms are widely available. Actually Indy420 after much research the phase did not come from the Black Culture it came from the White Culture when a white man got tried of using the term a sissy's man which is what they called what they now call "down low"But none of that really matters anyway if people would just but honest about their sexual preference's and practice safe sex everyone would be better off, Oh and by the way you can get STD's and worst from Oral Sex as well whether it's a man or a [email protected] Also kissing the mouth or other parts of the body if someone has an infection there..talking about AIDS but other STD's You are so right condoms only cover so much, no wonder I stay single for years at a time. I get a check up every year and ask for every test known to man or woman ..Because so many skrong, black men end up in the unnatural environment of the prison system, they are more exposed to sexual violence that underlies prison life.For men that have grown "accustomed" to the rough and often violent "love" that takes place in such a miserable environment, it may be hard for them to adapt to "natural" life again in the outside world.I actually looked at some gay porn once and it was just total ewwww ick factor for me.You can't get me drunk enough to think otherwise, I know I've had guys hit on me for sex when drunk off my ass and it's still ewwwwww "no thanks dude, I don't do that"Not a chance.

See, due to the centuries old assault on the black race in America, many unnatural occurences have taken place in the black community.It seems like most of the guys on this site are hetrosexual, including myself.Pretty much a no brainer that a hetrosexual male would only want his dik sucked by a female. I agree there are "down low" folks of all kinds, but the phrase itself seems to have originated in black culture?Maternal rule in households (single mother households are the norm in the black community).Another thing that most people are aware of is that 70-80% of young black males have had some sort of encounter with the law or going through the judicial process....

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I have had gay friends and been hit on many times ... I even dated a woman who found me more arousing when she realized how attractive I was to gay men. Fun fact: most gay men wouldn't sleep with the same men women have intimate relations, so guys consider yourself lucky she likes you and not just your looks. Cheers For a smart woman thats noy a very smart question.

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