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Located in the mountains at 600m sea level, Toyota’s cooler climate acts as a natural barrier and protects the organic fields, as only few insects survive in the colder temperature.Kagoshima, in the southern edge of Japan, is an optimal location for organic teas because of its vast fields, mineral-rich volcanic soil, and remoteness from the city.To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise.A historic tea cultivating region dating back to the 1200s, Nishio’s stable climate, fresh pristine river waters, fertile soil, and remoteness from urban development foster tea leaves that are more resiliently green and full of nutrients.Currently, Aiya holds over 80% of the exclusive harvesting rights to the Nishio tea plantations.Artisans are a dying breed, and only Aiya houses veteran artisans who train young artisans to continue the 120 year tradition.

Sometime later, the Lima were conquered by the Huari (Wari) people.AIYA holds 1300 units of granite stone grinders, which are maintained by in-house skilled artisans.The grinding process is conducted in a clean room where the temperature and humidity is closely monitored and controlled, with industrial filters keeping the air clean, eliminating bacteria and germs in the air.“Aiya,” the nickname for the shop which later became the official company title, was given because the shop carried “Aidama,” an indigo colored dye used on kimonos.It soon switched its focus to producing Japan’s most premium tea – Matcha – and is still family owned to this day.

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Like the Moche before them, the Huari were a warrior society that appreciated fine artistry and design.