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Dating gospel judas

Irenaeus was right: this is a fake gospel which promotes a heretical idea about Jesus of Nazareth.

The discovery and authentication of the Judas codex does nothing to disturb that assessment.

asked me some questions this week about the recent revelation that the Gospel of Judas had been authenticated by a number of means.

See for the news report, and for Katherine’s article (published 11 April 2013). This will also be published in the later this week.

Handwriting changes over time, and ancient Greek papyri, of which there are hundreds of thousands still in existence, give us plenty of illustrations of these changes.

Instead, they are indexed to the reigns of the Caesars, mention a known person in an official capacity whose dates are known, or speak of astronomical events.3) If it became a fact that the Gospel of Judas were real, how would this change the study of the New Testament?Most likely, the original Gospel of Judas was written in the second half of the second century.For example, a petition to a government official written in “the 25th year of Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Caesar” was penned in AD 216.By such fixed dates on some of the papyri, scholars can fix the patterns of handwriting of other papyri to a range of dates.

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