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A side of Finn Bálor that might not have a place for Sami Zayn's need to help his partner.

The Performance Centre is buzzing as the Live Draft commences during Smack Down! With only six spots available on the Main Roster for the NXT stars, the tension in the air is palpable..perhaps no-one in the building is feeling that more than Finn Bálor.

A friend who certainly isn't afraid of asking the hard questions... " Prequel to "Blind Dating For Demons"“You don’t see it? "Once you become aware of all the little signs, it's impossible not to notice them from then on in.

Bayley finds herself torn between wanting to get two of her best friends together...

It might not be the most exciting thing in the world to have to do, but Finn Bálor has ways of getting creative with it.

He just takes advantage of the woman who cares for him in every possible way. It is as if they have a sixth sense and are able to discern exactly what each particular woman wants and needs in a partner and then they present themselves as having all the qualities the woman desires in a partner. He will pressure her to move in with him (or to let him move in with her), he will make all sorts of promises to take care of her, to care for her children, to love her to the moon and back.

Immediate prequel to "Blind Dating For Demons." Originally posted on as a "thank you" to dahdeemohn, who really liked the prompt given. Finn Balor really should've said "no" when Bayley suggested going on a Blind Date. Sometimes they are, sometimes not for the right reasons, and sometimes they're best left forgotten. Set after "Blind Dating For Demons." A day in the life of Finn Bálor and Sami Zayn, as they struggle with overly amorous neighbours, surviving training with Mojo Rawley, dietary requirements and forgetting people's real names...among other things. " Sami Zayn is never one to turn down a friend in need, even if it means going well out of his comfort zone to do so.

At least he has his best friend and roommate, Sami Zayn, to rely on should things go horribly, horribly wrong. At least Finn seems enthusiastic about the whole thing...

It all started with two out-of-place action figures...causing Finn Bálor's imagination to go off in a slightly unexpected direction.

There's a realisation to be had, and Finn is perilously close to figuring it out...enter one of Finn's most trusted friends to give him that final nudge in the right direction.

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We give women the information they may need to decide to end these relationships, if they choose.

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