Dating dominican

Posted by / 17-Feb-2017 11:20

Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t expect the Latinas of the Dominical Republic to be 100% fluent in English, but you will find they’re eager and willing to learn the language from any man willing to take the time to teach them.

There are innumerable places of great beauty to go and things to see.

Unlike most Western women you’ll find that Caribbean women value honesty, stability, loyalty and family far more than they do money or physical possessions.

Obviously they want a stable environment for their children to grow up in, but they’re not the materialistic, money-grabbers that are so prevalent in Western society – in fact Dominican women are the exact opposite.

Their place is as a homemaker, raising the kids, cooking, sewing and cleaning and taking care of their husbands.

Although they are not noted for being the breadwinner in the household, it’s interesting to note that the workforce of the Dominican Republic is made up of 51.5% women! Their nature is to be looked after so if you’re setting up a meeting and date for a visit you should act like a man is expected.

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