Dating delila

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Dating delila

Higgenson was smitten and even though she had a boyfriend, he told her he was going to write a song about her.

“I thought he was just being flirtatious and leading me along,” the 24-year-old athlete told Lauer and Vieira.

The 1632 inventory of the collection of Frederik Hendrik of Orange lists a work by Jan Lievens: "Een stuxken schilderie daer Sampson het hayr wert affgesneden, door Jan Lievesnz.

tot Leyden gemaeckt" (Drossaers/Lunsingh Scheurleer 1974, vol.

She said it’s something of a relief to go public with her identity and to clear up any confusion about her role in a love song whose lyrics seem unequivocal: “I knew it was fictionalized, and I’m glad that I finally get the opportunity to say I do have a boyfriend and it is romanticized,” she said.

No evidence could be found that would indicate that the signature may be a later addition; nor was there any reason to doubt the authenticity of the "8" (research project Gemäldegalerie Berlin; Kleinert/Laurenze-Landsberg 2009, p.148-155).

In 1793 the painting was recorded in the inventory of the Stadtschloss as a work by Govert Flinck (Börsch-Supan 1967, p. This attribution has been accepted until the publication of an article by Wilhelm Bode in 1881. According to them the signature has a deviant form and the broad similarities between the present painting and the works by Rembrandt dated 1630 indicate that the date 1628 is unreliable (Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings 1983-, vol. They researched the painting and discovered that the paint application of the "8" is identical to that of the other numbers and characters.

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In his article Bode suggests that the inscription in the lower right corner (according to him it reads "89") may have been the inventory number of the painting in the Prince of Orange collection (Bode 1881, p. In the 1707-1713-1719 inventory of Honselaarsdijk, the painting is listed under no. The original inscription must been read as "N [...]39".general catalogue of Prussian palacesinventory note Altes Museuminventory note Kaiser Friedrich Museuminventory note Kaiser Friedrich Museumafter 1990handwritten in red chalkvery large characters that resemble a 2 and a 7, handwritten in white chalkhandwritten with a black pen or pencillarge wave-shaped lines and a "c", handwritten with a blue pen Additions & corrections For comments and questions, please contact us Acknowledgement Information on this page comes from the RKD databases.

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This description refers most probably to the present painting (Drossaers 1930, p. for example "The abduction of Proserpina" (Corpus of Rembrandt paintings, vol. A 39)), it is not inconceivable that a Rembrandt should be described as a Lievens (Corpus of Rembrandt paintings, vol.

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