Dating ddirect

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Dating ddirect

We report a method for dating ancient human samples that uses the recombination clock.

To infer the age of ancient genomes, we take advantage of the shared history of Neanderthal gene flow into non-Africans that occurred around 50,000 y ago and measure the amount of “missing evolution” in terms of recombination breakpoints in the ancient genome compared with present-day samples.

In particular, recent pedigree studies have yielded a yearly mutation rate that is approximately twofold lower than the one obtained from phylogenetic methods (7).High-resolution age estimates can often be obtained using radiocarbon dating, and, while precise and powerful, this method has some biases, making it of interest to directly use genetic data to infer a date for samples that have been sequenced.Here, we report a genetic method that uses the recombination clock.Previous studies have documented that most non-Africans derive 1–4% ancestry from Neanderthals from an admixture event that occurred ∼37,000–86,000 y before present (y BP) (9, 10), with some analyses proposing a second event (around the same time) into the ancestors of East Asians (11, 12).Because the vast majority of ancient samples sequenced to date were discovered in Eurasia (with estimated ages of ∼2,000–45,000 y BP), postdate the Neanderthal admixture, and show evidence of Neanderthal ancestry, we used the Neanderthal gene flow as the shared event.

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