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All of our members and their messages are 100% real…

Still, many of us understand that with maturity comes a bit of grace, restraint and attention to detail that few of us had in our 20s, and not many of us had managed to scrape together even in our 40s!

Whether you’re seeking a full blown secret affair or a brief illicit fling, we can help.

Meet 100,000’s of like minded people in a similar situation to yours, either in your area, or further afield.

You are also welcome to contact us and dispute any posting.

Here’s one woman’s story of losing her retirement savings to a scammer.

Unlike other rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and online dating agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here.

You can add your rebuttal to any posting about you or any other profiles.

When I emailed her back on the web site she didn't reply.

Other reports I have rad on the internet when I searched about their site were very similar experiences and no men had ever met, had direct contact and any that went there then said they were in the country got stood up.

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