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Dating cpap

Maybe we don't know enough about Duane's history to be making assumptions.....

Let’s just cut straight to the chase – you are probably reading this because you want to learn how to broach the subject without hurting your chances of getting lucky.

After all, CPAP masks don’t exactly scream romantic or sexy.

LOL Also, Carol, why do you NOT consider apnea a chronic disease? The empty wine cooler in the bottom corner is a little Ilete I would like to see what you would put in your profile on the dating site. I don't know how hard, or time consuming, it would be to start one.Do other chronic illnesses (although treated I do not view this as a chronic disease) have dating sites? Considering the looks I've gotten from a couple of guys when they found out about my CPAP, and considering I've had a relationship end because of sleep apnea, what the heck.Jessica joined the Better Rest Solutions team in January 2014 and has since immersed herself in the world of sleep apnea and CPAP therapy in order to provide the sleep apnea community with helpful information on improving their quality of life.Valerie Rose posed the following question, and I'd love to know what people's reactions will be: I think there are enough people on CPAP machines that we can start a dating site just for those with sleep apena? This topic has been discussed on other apnea forums, but as far as I know it hasn't gotten off the ground.

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