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As motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar says, don’t be SNIOPed— Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People. I enjoy Readers Digest with its witty quotes, jokes and stories. Be a Hands-on Student—Learn improv, join Toastmasters.But, it’s OK to laugh at them, just not out loud, of course. Two things I did that improved my use of humor immensely were: 1.Another techniques is to have a conversation piece as part of your attire—a piece of jewelry with an interesting back-story, for example. At its heart, humor exists because of contradictions. You are taking your conversation partner or audience on a train ride, leading them where they expect to go and then you derail them. ” Your mind jumps ahead to what it expects during the set up (“for example”).You do the kindness of allowing someone to notice something to talk about and then you can tell the interesting and hopefully humorous story behind the item. You’ve all heard the classic: “Take my wife…Please! Then, the punch line, “Please,” is different than what you expected. ” In conversation, the easiest way to insert humor is relevant, self-deprecating comments or stories about yourself. Humor not only makes us feel better, but it also can serve as a social lubricant, smoothing out our interactions with others. ” President Lincoln knew how to use humor to endear himself to his listeners and to disarm his opponents.Here are 7 tips for sharpening your humor skills: 1. The first rule of relationship-building humor: Do No Harm.

Just bring the flirty back by following these tried and true do's and don'ts. So instead of sending a thousand words, just send a pic, ya freak. Tell funny, self-deprecating stories about yourself. One day, when I was 3 or 4, my mother had brought me to work to meet her boss and coworkers. She was just about the ugliest woman I had ever seen—long pointy chin, hooked nose, dark, bushy eyebrows over beady eyes. For example, let’s say I wanted to tell the “Wicked Witch” story in #3.I might chat with the person about children and then we might talk about kids saying the darndest things, which then would naturally lead to the story.My teasing-impaired younger self just didn’t get it. Laughing with others brings people together and pokes fun at our common challenges. Comedian Rodney Dangerfield was best known for his self-deprecating humor in his stand up acts, with his famous line “I get no respect.” Watch modern-day self-deprecator, Tonight Show Host Conan O’Brien, as an example of how to make fun of yourself. This works especially well combined with #2, laughing at yourself. My mother turned toward me with a pleading smile and a high, falsely pleasant voice, “Diane, don’t you mean, Glenda the Good Witch? We had just watched The Wizard of Oz a week earlier. If you do have a rehearsed story, wait until the conversation leads to a good insertion spot.Conan frequently makes fun of his own hair, his paleness and even his jokes that flop. And here’s one for the guys: Anthropologist Gil Greengross, who conducted a two-year study into the role of humor in seduction found that self-deprecating humor was the most attractive kind of humor. As a small child, I learned the power of laughter to reduce tension. Of course, you can guide the conversation toward a direction you want to go so that you can insert your funny story, too.

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We just say that we are doing “lip exercises.” That phrase always gets a chuckle. I’ve often heard it said that in 5 years you will be the sum total of the books you read and the people with whom you associate.