Dating chinese women pros and cons

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Hence, keeping wild animals as pets has always been a controversial issue. Pros Cons Ethical Issues The first and foremost issue about having a wild animal as a pet, is about the welfare of the animal itself.With a lot of study and training, one might be able to provide proper diet and exercise to the animals.There was an outbreak of monkey pox in the United States, in 2003, which was supposed to have been carried by Gambian rats from Africa that were imported for pet trade.Decline in Population of Wild Animals It isn't that every wild animal that is caught to be sold as pets makes it to the warmth and care of a human family.However, we must remember that these animals have been domesticated after having been bred in captivity for generations.They have lost their wild instincts and have adapted to live with human beings.Our desire to own unusual animals as pets often leads us to bring wild animals home.

For proper development of the latter in captivity, it is essential that the owner of such an animal have a group of the same species.

Ensuring proper pet care for a wild animal requires a lot of research, preparation, investment in building ideal housing, and proper medical facility.

Despite all these preparations, one can hardly be sure if the arrangements are adequate for the animal.

Subsequently, wild animals developed the instincts and physical features that are suited for the tough and aggressive life in the wild.

Keeping wild animals might sound appealing to many.

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Baby Animals Grow Up Every baby animal, whether wild or domestic, is adorable.

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