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Dating calculator love

Then, on the evening of April Fools' Day, I took down Espeon's chapter, confessed to it having been a joke and proceeded to claim that this was the real first chapter of the Morphic sequel.

This one was actually written by me and, though the premises it starts with are ridiculous, it was done in a plausible enough way to successfully fool quite a few people into thinking this was the real thing, especially since by this point there had already been a joke - somebody even updated the TV Tropes page accordingly.

All of the following work is © Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis and is not to be reprinted anywhere, borrowed from or otherwise used without permission. A trainer fic I've been working on since 2002 and revising over and over because I can't stop trying to make the best of the deeply flawed original.

Pokémon is © Nintendo, GAME FREAK and Creatures Inc. It has its own minipage (and a couple of spin-offs, too), so just go there and browse around.

Rated PG-13 to R for various things detailed in the "Legal" section.

A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing.

Unusually, it actually doesn't contain any swearing.

It does have discussion of politics, including some pretty...

Contains swearing (lots of it, thanks to Dave's state of mind), copious consumption of alcohol, mentions of sex, discussion of death and murder, objectification of women, and kicking of puppies.Takes place after chapter 14 and references a lot of spoilers, so don't read until you've read the entire fic.Contains swearing and, incredibly enough, discussion about death.It was in fact written by Espeon, but I neglected to mention the fact that he has never actually read Morphic; I simply sent him one-liner descriptions of the main characters and had him think up some deliberately ridiculous plot to write around them, and the result was the sort of April Fools' joke that's not exactly about to seriously fool anyone because it was just too silly, but merely meant to amuse in itself.Needless to say, this is about as uncanonical as you can get; everybody is completely out of character and the whole thing is nonsensical.

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Ten years later, they're taking care of eight half-Pokémon kids, each freakier than the next, while a religious fanatic plots to murder them all.

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