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Dating after divorce blog

As someone newly divorced, you need not be swept away by pressure to commit too fast. DON’T let the intense excitement of a successful date drive you to jump into bed and lose your head!Feeling attractive to a new romantic interest is exhilarating, as is the thrill of being with someone new.Depending on how long you were married, it might have changed A LOT!So, be careful, gather wisdom from other singles, and educate yourself about current dating topics like angel shots, date rape drugs, and internet dating safety.The choice of whether to hold out on anything physical before you’re ready to get serious again versus sowing some wild divorced oats is entirely yours, just remember to protect yourself from STD’s and use contraceptives! You’re a brand new woman and you should feel confident and excited about opening a new chapter! You’re a brand new woman and you should feel confident and excited about opening a new chapter!Would a fresh new ‘do, updated pieces in your wardrobe, or a makeover of your home help you feel more prepared to enter this phase?You can sell your wedding ring and other jewelry to Worthy, sell décor at a consignment shop, yard sale, or a number of online sites, and unload your wedding dress to help fund your new life.

Whether you dip your toes in slowly or dive in the deep end is up to you, just don’t get wet until you consider these divorced dating do’s and don’ts first!This date, and every first date, is about having a nice time, getting to know someone new, and sussing out romantic potential. Also, be open to dating someone outside of what you think your “type” is. In other words, stop expecting so much from every encounter! It has likely been years or decades since you dated (or maybe you never dated at all), and you, and life, are very different this time around. Yes, it’s important to have relationship goals and come to terms with what is acceptable to you and what is not. Still, we can learn from everyone we meet, even from people with whom we don’t necessarily click or like. [email protected] On Track or call 800-203-1946 for a free consultation and proposal. Online dating is on the rise for all age groups, with sites and apps like, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk leading in popularity.DON’T fail to recognize that the dating world has probably changed a lot since you were last single.

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You should go online with the idea of making some new friends. Stacey is frequently called upon for her expertise and insights on the divorce experience and has repeatedly been quoted in The Huffington Post’s divorce vertical.