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They also spend long, exhausting hours on the road, taking their bulls to competitions across the country — not that they’re complaining, you understand, because it’s what they live for.

“We’ve not had a vacation in over four years,” Tiffany says.

By any standards — including Jerome’s — it means Tiffany is as tough as, well, a bull rider.

* * * * Today, Jerome and Tiffany are 42 and 39, respectively, and they are immeasurably happy.

“We were best friends before we ever started dating, and you wouldn’t leave your best friend in a situation like that,” she explains.

She was there beside the ambulance, as Jerome was about to be transported to the hospital.

“Yeah, well,” he said, “only about 10 percent of those stay.” Tiffany’s jaw dropped.

She didn’t respond at the time, but she’s never forgotten that moment. “I remember thinking, ‘Well, that was rude, ya jerk.” The doctor’s point may have been accurate — it’s not uncommon for significant others to end a relationship when faced with the prospect of being a paraplegic’s caregiver for the rest of their lives — but Tiffany didn’t appreciate being lumped into that cold statistic.

Jerome, who’d been riding bulls since age 11, was a quickly rising star on the national bull-riding circuit.

With nicknames such as Jerome Danger and The Carolina Cowboy — and the uncanny skills to match the flashy names — he was a marketer’s dream as he began winning competitions.

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She’s also been Jerome’s primary caregiver all those years.

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