Dating a non jew

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Dating a non jew

They understand how to go with the flow to please women. Have you ever seen a Jewish man order food at a restaurant?

These guys remember what it was like to grow up with their presumably Jewish moms. Proportionally fewer Jewish siblings hate each other than those of other religions (arguably).

With a Jewish guy, you’re guaranteed nothing alien down south.

More to the point, have you ever seen how a Jewish man reacts to not being satisfied at a restaurant?

After one phone call and a couple of texts, nothing. ” I blurted out when he finally called me back the next day. I don’t know if this religion thing is a hurdle we can overcome,” he said. Even though we shared a heritage, we didn’t share a way of living our lives. It was a peaceful and amicable parting, but a sad one.

“I was at the grave of a famous Rabbi,” he explained. I had to wait in line most of the night.” This was incomprehensible to me. I never thought religion would be a dealbreaker for me, especially with another Jew.

It wasn’t that I stopped believing in the Jewish faith — though I’m not sure I ever completely bought the doctrine — it was just that it never moved me.My initial instinct was to feel slightly uncomfortable about his religious devotion.In the past I’d dated guys with religious backgrounds — from Jewish to Catholic– but one thing they had in common was that they were not religious.It is a conglomeration of rituals that resonate with Me. I had been fully immersed in Spiritual Eclecticism for a good 10 years when I met Andrew* at the Apple store.It was late on a Thursday evening and New York City was in the throes of a spring rainstorm.

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Religion is never something that came up in my many years of dating.

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