Dating a friend39s older brother

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Dating a friend39s older brother

The older man assigns his apprentice the task of finding out a secret about a longtime friend.

His twinkling blue eyes rolled down her brown shirt, black jeans and boots. “He was checking you out,” I hissed, as I caught Amanda’s glare.

“If it’s hot all of a sudden, it’s because you were standing by an oven,” Andre exclaimed.

No one bought that she was there for Lilly—I’m not sure why she even bothered.

I've read many series by the coopers and once again I enjoyed this book but as well. And Liv, my best friend, is determined to help me as well. A secret that could make my getting together with Aiden Taylor very complicated. “Now you don’t have to ask for a few holidays.” Amanda sneered.

Once again I can't wait to see what will happen next. He also doesn't know I exist as anything other than his little sister's best friend. A secret that could make more than one night with Aiden nothing more than a dream. I'm willing to do whatever it takes for Aiden to notice me.

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