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Synopsis: On the way home from an art gallery featuring her work, a talented artist, Ali (Rohm), her husband (Muldoon), and their young child get into a car accident.The woman's husband and child die on impact, while the woman survives, but loses her eyesight.The statements of evolutionists are a clear demonstration of their unjustified bias against the straightforward young-Earth creationist (hereafter, creationist) view, as taught in Genesis.Indeed, evolutionists are often willing to resort to all manner of arguments, tactics and schemes, all of which are expressly designed to ridicule the views of Bible-believing Christians.

Clearly, to describe people as ‘creation scientists’—i.e.

A reasoned refutation of evolution has become so difficult that the opposition is now largely confined to fundamentalists, those who believe in the literal truth of the Bible, and specifically in Gen.

: “And God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” This leaves little room for argument.

to add the quotation marks—is to subtly undermine their academic credentials, with the deliberate intention of denying their authority in scientific matters.

As with any ploy that attempts to relegate the status of creationists from that of true scientists to ‘quacks’, the writer hopes that the creationists’ scientific pronouncements will then not be seriously considered.

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Geologists are insouciant in the face of these figures.

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