Custom textbox validating user input in

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Custom textbox validating user input in

The bad news is that you have to script your validation and it can change depending on the data type and format. Validation Example 1: Checking if a Text Box Field is Empty For the first example, we will create a simple function that will ensure the field is empty as well as making sure it doesn’t only contain blank spaces.

In this example, we cancel the validation, when the field is empty or has only whitespaces.

In addition, Power Shell has built in support for regular expressions in the form of the –match operator.

Since our event will only clear the error message, it can be used as a generic event shared by all validating controls.By using Parameter validation you can as validate Text Box values as well; although this isn’t necessary the best method.For more information on Parameter Validation refer to the about_functions_advanced_parameters help topic.Validating Example 2: Using Parameter Validation First, define a function that will use the function’s Parameter Validation attributes: Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘Text’.The number of characters (0) in the argument is too small.

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