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What it's doing is taking a recognizable TV form and using it as a way to stimulate a discussion, where it's not a game. You can't say I won "Best Dictator" and throw it on your resumé. Not in the celebrity world, because I knew those people. The people that surprised me tended to be the academics and the experts, some of whom who were very media friendly and very clever and very funny and witty and relaxed. Maybe go to conventions and do biggest moment of the day, worst moment of the day, something like that. I just don't want to make 220 shows a year anymore. From what I've seen, everyone is doing exactly what they need to do. Some guys are moving faster than other guys and that's the way of the human race. "Most Influential Rock Band." "Biggest Gangster in History," which I was delighted in, because Stalin was in there and I love that he was in gangster. Because of this really [shows off tattoo on his arm, which reads "Join or Die"]. hooks people in with a game show format, then gives them a little history lesson to boot. There are certain times of the year when it might be fun to do live versions.But Ferguson did it the old-fashioned way—and his games, though much smaller in scope, preceded Fallon's by years.The post-interview choice of an "awkward pause," playing a harmonica, or winning a "big cash prize" through trivia or imagination added an additional layer of playfulness. And, based on his answer to Rash asking him the very same question, he's not really sure either, or at least isn't ready to outwardly commit to a specific long-term future. I think it's the concept of respect that most often comes to mind for me when I think about Craig Ferguson.

The more specific the category is, the more the conversation seems to be more stimulating to me. There is no quantifiable point system other than the opinion of the people in the room. That kind of thing surprised me more than the intelligence of the people who were booked because they were intelligent anyway. Or maybe a Super Bowl show, like best moment of the bowl, worst moment of the bowl. Some are getting there quicker, but I think that every one of them, that I've seen certainly, is doing exactly the right thing, which is get the show and make it yours. I don't know how it's going to end up, but I feel like we're on to something. I was there when all of them were made, and some of them are clearly better than others, but I think we have something.Unless there’s some kind of talk-show Viagra, I don’t want to do it every day.” As for his successor, Ferguson gives James Corden high marks. recently joined up with Ferguson to learn more about his new show. You must have missed doing a monologue and interacting with a studio audience. Really, the reason it came about is because of a show I was proudest of—for which I got the Peabody—a monologue about apartheid [where] the guest was Bishop Desmond Tutu. It has a double historical significance for me in the sense that it is the first graphic representation of the united colonies in the States and also, for me, it's the first graphic representation of me as an American. It felt like there was a bigger and more personal connection. FIRST, my friend and colleague Shelley showed me a video wherein Kristen Bell irked her (and/or got in the way of enjoying her TV boyfriend Craig Ferguson.)THEN I said she should send it to Lainey, who would no doubt feel the same way. Lainey was all ‘Kristen Bell is your girl, so…’The video is here.

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I snickered at this dig-in-the-ribs-by-proxy I was sending. (Most of the pertinent Bell stuff is in the first minute, although it does get markedly more amusing once she looks through the telescope thing).

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