Cost standard system updating

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After defining a costing sheet that points to two condition tables.

In the first table, the overhead amount depends on the overhead key.

-Valuation Date-Date on which the materials and activities in a cost estimate are valuated. ( Usually PP functionality) Screenshot 9 – A routing shows operations in a sequence. Product costing, capacity planning, Refer screenshot 3 Cost Internal Activity (E) comes from this settings.

They demonstrate how standard cost systems can foster continuous improvement through dynamic rather than static standards.The authors demonstrate how to redesign the information-gathering and reporting system as new manufacturing procedures are put in place.They discuss ways that marketing activities are affected and how to plan plant and equipment expenditures in an automated environment.Screenshot 11 4- Valuation- It contains the currency, Costing sheet and Overhead key.T CODE-KZS2-Creating and maintaining Costing Sheet, T CODE-KOOK-Defining and changing Overhead key Screenshot 12 if you refer to screenshot 3 Overhead cost (G) flows from this settings from costing sheet and overhead key.

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In the second table, the overhead amount depends on the plant.