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Police have found seven sets of remains in planters recovered from a Toronto property where Mc Arthur worked as a landscaper.

But police have arrested two men, 32-year-old George Livermore, of Queens, and 23-year-old Nathaniel Baptiste, of the Bronx, and are searching for a third.Observing April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the first week in April as California Teen Safe Driving Week, safety advocates will focus on education and enforcement efforts statewide. Notice of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act - The City of Oakland will not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability.more » Sharp Drop in Number of Stops Following the Introduction of Precision Policing in June 2017 - Presented on Feb 2, 2018 to the OPD Command Staff and the Independent Monitoring Team by Professor Benoît Monin from the Stanford Technical Assistance Team. Get help or learn more - Notice of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA Complaint Form.The men allegedly coaxed their victims using the dating website in five of the six incidents.Only one of the victims suffered minor injuries in the robberies, which ranged from early December to late January.

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"Eventually we would pursue 'possibles' and hope that DNA or dental records would match up with found remains." Police have said the man was dead when the picture was taken, but won't say when or how they obtained the image.