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Consolidated vs consolidating

Entrepreneurial program benefits include delayed payments and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.In addition, So Fi charges no application, origination, or prepayment fees.Finally, So Fi has a great customer support team ready to help you with any problems that may arise! So Fi only accepts people who have graduated, have good jobs, and have solid income.Typically, So Fi borrowers also have a great credit history and enough income to cover monthly expenses as well as student loan payments.By now you should know the basics behind student loan consolidation and refinancing.Now, we would like to present unbiased descriptions of the 11 major student loan consolidation companies.Please note, from here on out, we consider "consolidation" and "refinancing" the same thing.All of these companies have been vetted by The Student Loan Report team for product quality, security, and customer experience.

The first benefit is that the company's loans are accessible to more borrowers since the minimum qualifications for applicants are quite reasonable.So, if you are looking for a 25-year term length you will need to look elsewhere.You can refinance from ,000 and up with ELFI, assuming you meet the credit requirements.For more information about any one of these student loan refinancing lenders, look for the link to our full review and analysis of the companies.As we mentioned earlier in the article, So Fi is the leading to refinance student loans with.

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To date, So Fi has been able to help thousands of student loan borrowers lower their monthly payments and total loan cost.

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