College student dating a teacher

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College student dating a teacher

Generally speaking, the school or school system has a policy that states that romantic/sexual relationships are not allowed. sure it is, each state has their own rules regarding age of consent, while 18 goes for all 50 states many have lower ages with differing rules.

One could also argue that the school serves in loco parentis, which I'm pretty sure is true even if the the student is of age. In colleges and universities, these days there is typically a policy that states that a staff or faculty member may not enter into a romantic/sexual relationship either with a person over whom the staff member has evaluative power. here in Washington Ao C is 16 but as posted already, not if you are in a position of authority over the minor.

Sometimes they publish papers with their former students as coauthors, based on work they previously did together.

Further, if "student" means that this student completed a thesis under OP's direction (and not just took a class from OP), then this relationship is a lifelong one. If I am single, I reserve the right to pick off a member of society to be my mate.

Ex-teachers still have evaluative power (for example, they can write you an inappropriately glowing college or job letter, or refuse to do so if you break their heart). (Two cases in Queensland, one in my home town broke today.

I doubt a teacher-student relationship per se is against the law. One undergoing lengthy trial in Auckland as we speak.) The case in Brisbane exposed an inconsistency in that the legal position as stated by state laws was different from the position as stated by Education Queensland (a government organisation) policy.

What if he had her as a student, but recently left the school? Or is all of this just a matter where he can be fired?

My guess is that any situation where one of the would-be lovers has legal authority (or is in a position of trust, for example a doctor's authority) over the other is forbidden.

(Some universities say it's okay as long as the student is not in the teacher's class, or their advisee, or in any other position where the teacher has direct authority over the student, but I doubt any high schools will have this much leeway in their policies.) 21.12. But he was sacked from his position and will (IMHO rightly) be never allowed to teach in Queensland again. He won't teach again, and I would guess from what I have read that he will be convicted: not just of profession misconduct, but or criminal activity, and serve time.

student, so there is no present power dynamic, conflict of interest or anything like that.

However, you should be prepared for those in your department to find out that you are dating a former student, which could create a certain amount of push back.

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Can teachers date and have sex with their students if the student is of age?

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And not just out of the particular class the teacher is teaching, either; I asked this question in another thread, and apparently all teachers in a school are in authority collectively over all students.