Classic teen dating etiquette film 1940

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SHOWS HOW CAROLYN & WALLY ARE CAREFUL OF THEIR APPEARANCE, POLITE, CONSIDERATE IN ARRANGING DATES, ETC. It was time for women to yield their wartime jobs to men, for cities to stagnate and suburbs to blossom, for wartime friends of Russia to turn their backs on communism, and for kids to be kids again.

As elsewhere in the world, American youth bore the brunt of the nation's wartime social problems.

Juvenile crime and delinquency increased dramatically and was publicized as a major social problem.

Teenagers indulged in considerable sexual self-expression and made headlines for doing so, especially the "Victory Girls" who slept with servicemen.

It takes place neither in schools nor houses, but on a set built in the Coronet studios located on the Glenview, Illinois estate of company head David A. The backgrounds are simple so as not to detract from the narrative. Ames); Bill Fein (Larry); Bunny Catcher (Ellie); Lester Podewell (Mr. With Marilyn Fisher (Caroline Ames); Marilyn Fisher's mother (Mrs.This worry was met with a nationwide behavior offensive aiming to restore family values through education and training.Between 19, hundreds of films dealing with family dynamics, social guidance, etiquette and manners, behavior, child and adolescent development were produced for the educational film market.

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While parents were shipped overseas or worked long hours in defense plants, kids were often left to shift for themselves.

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