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I think people just thought they could come and then go home and the government would forget about them. You can bet that everyone that was there was photographed and identified.

They know where you live and everything else about you by now.

There is little reason to believe the present effort to set up world conditions for the rise of this being would not perfectly fit the end time prophecies that were foretold by God.

——————————————————————————————————————————– You may have been one of those people who wish you could have gone to the Bundy Ranch, but most people screwing with Federal law enforcement do not have a clue how much trouble the Feds can cause them even apart from a direct confrontation at locations like the Bundy site. Holder and his boys have the FBI working on the case and you can bet charges will come out of it.

It seems his last major effort to make that happen was with Hitler, but it did not work out.As most of you know, I have been doing these monthly perspectives newsletters for a few years now.The title change this month was made to reflect the Blog name rather than my own name. The newsletters will remain monthly until people that know that they will be going in the Rapture this year send me the million in cash that they will not be needing anymore.The Ukrainian government in Kiev will not recognize the secession and may send in troops to put down the resistance.If that happens, Russia will do whatever it takes to defend the Russian populations in those areas. Once the Russian Congress approves and these Provinces are absorbed into Russia there is nothing that Kiev can do unless they want to fight a losing war against Russia.

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