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I know everyone’s doing it and I know it’s hard to be set apart, but the Lord calls us to be different (Romans 12:2)! The minor “life lessons” your teen may take away from a dating relationship are not worth the risk of falling into sexual sin and the affect those sins will have on the rest of their lives.

I understand that some teens may rebel against your “no dating” rule, but the Lord has commanded you to raise them with God honoring principles.

I’d given my heart and body away more than once and each of those interactions adversely affect my marriage — in ways I’m aware of and in ways I’m not! Parents (some of you may be my youth parents…welcome to my story!

Fortunately, I serve a holy God that wiped my slate clean that October night that I said, “Take me Lord, change me, make me whole again.” He did and he’s done it well. ), when Q and I say we don’t support teen dating, this is my reason why. Teen dating opens the door for raging hormones and sexual temptation — temptation and sin that .

I worry that I won’t do that properly, but I feel like this needs to be shared. I’m so thankful for a Godly man that steered me onto the narrow road through the truth and love of Christ.

Mainly, I want to say it with grace and conviction. Let me share my story…a story I’ve struggled to share. Let me just say, none of this sexual sin included my husband.

Despite being a very mature young lady in every other way, in this emotional area I simply was not and I wasn’t prepared to deal with the emotions.I’m sure I had influence on this decision but so did what she witnesses in some of her peers, as well as how she feels God is guiding her.I have told my children more than once that I don’t want them getting overly involved in romantic relationships in high school.Teenage dating: The subject evokes excitement or perhaps angst if you’re a teenager; strikes fear into the hearts of many parents.Teenage dating tends to stir up some nostalgia, concern, and sometimes, even controversy when we enter into discussions about the when, who, why, and what of dating.

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(1 Corinthians 7:2) Teen dating does not prepare your child for marriage — I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m so glad I dated as a teen and up until marriage.

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