Cdd dating

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Cdd  dating

It makes complete sense that someone raised in this culture would extend it to domestic abuse.Julie Anne, I got support from friends and it was only when I opened up to them that they helped me see it was wrong.It took a long time for me to have the strength to leave him. Did Lauren and her husband have any connections with the Patriarchy Movement?Or were they connected with teachings similar to an article I wrote, Wife Undermines Her Husband’s Authority in Front of Children, He Disciplines Her? I was able to find the two snippets from the show below: *** After reading Lauren’s letter and sharing back and forth e-mails, I had so many questions.Thank you for writing and shedding light on another form of domestic abuse that doesn’t get talked about very much.It’s one thing when it is a Ray Rice situation like in the news now.It was confusing because it felt no different than when I was at home.

And I was told that since I was acting immaturely, this was the consequence.Did you meet your ex-husband at church or was he from outside the church?***************** Julie Anne, The thing is that he never raged. But over it all was always this sense of control and “he was the man.” My wedding vows included a vow to obey and he would often remind me that God commanded wives to submit and obey their husbands as they were supposed to do towards Christ.But I think there are probably other women in conservative or controlling “Christian” households where the husband thinks it is OK to spank his wife like just another child in the house. I grew up in a very conservative, Southern household and was spanked at home until I left.So when my husband spanked me the first time, I was embarrassed, but I thought maybe it was my fault or somehow it was OK.

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I imagine the biggest thing other women might be experiencing is that embarrassment, demoralizing, and feeling very disempowered.

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