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Posted by / 08-Nov-2017 19:41

It’s not called “beatings” or “abuse,” which is what it is.

Calling it just a “spanking” in some ways covers up what is going on, I think.

From what you describe, it sounds like he had a sense of entitlement over you – you were an object to be owned rather than a cherished wife to be treasured and loved. Were you homeschooled or was homeschooling prominent in your church?

It was very difficult because it was not like I had a black eye or bruises.

It was just always his open hand on my bottom which made me feel like I could never tell someone else or explain it.

It makes complete sense that someone raised in this culture would extend it to domestic abuse.

Julie Anne, I got support from friends and it was only when I opened up to them that they helped me see it was wrong.

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It was confusing because it felt no different than when I was at home.