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After 50,000 years, a fossil won’t have any radiocarbon left in it.Carbon-14 will have all disappeared by radioactive decay.Animals eat plants and/or other animals; humans eat plants and animals.

Petroleum and dinosaur bones are examples of fossil materials that no longer have carbon-14 remaining in them.

Radiocarbon dating is applicable to biobased content measurements in manufactured products because they contain some combination of recently living materials and fossil materials.

The standard developed for this purpose is called ASTM D6866.

When a plant stops assimilating carbon dioxide or when an animal or human being stops eating, the ingestion of carbon-14 also stops and the equilibrium is disrupted.

From that time forward, the only process at work in the body is radioactive decay.

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Carbon-14 originates in the upper atmosphere of the earth and is created when neutrons originating from solar radiation bombardment collide with nitrogen in the air.

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