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Bowdoin college dating

In the late 1940s, Bowdoin begian a program entitled “Bowdoin-on-the-air” (BOTA), where students would record radio broadcasts, which would ultimately be rebroadcast on Portland station WGAN.

After years of BOTA popularity, the college invested in an AM transmitter and built a station on the second floor of the Moulton Union.

WBOR (91.1 FM) is a radio station licensed to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, United States.

The station broadcasts from the basement of the Dudley Coe Building on the Bowdoin College campus.

Different students interact through extracurricular activities and that often forms friendships outside of those you normally are friends with.

Classes are also a great place to meet people espeically in smaller classes.

They are either casual hook-ups or serious long term things. Sometimes the selection can feel limited, but let’s be honest, it’s like that anywhere.Four tables in dining hall: One is sports team, One is always the same group of upperclassmen girls, One is a freshman dorm, and the other is a mix of students.Financial background: Bowdoin got rid of pay-backs for financial aid, many students receieve financial aid but no one really knows about it Students are very politcally aware and even more active.Many Bowdoin students feel that if they are not Latino, or not Black they can't be in LASO or the Af-Am. It is hard to reach out to students who do not want to be bothered. At Bowdoin we have the preppy students who rock their popped collars, the jocks with the sweats, and everyone else. Bowdoin is a bubble and I often find myself not knowing what is going on outside of school. Bowdoin is a very liberal environment, where anyone is welcome.Bowdoin has one of the oldest African American Societies in America, the LGBT organizes an annual "Out Week" where all sexualities are recognized and respected.

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