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Bowdoin college dating

WBOR (91.1 FM) is a radio station licensed to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, United States.

The station broadcasts from the basement of the Dudley Coe Building on the Bowdoin College campus.

Radio has been a Bowdoin tradition dating back to the early 1940s when students and faculty sporadically hosted and recorded programs on campus, which were later broadcast through Portland's WCSH, Lewiston's WCOU, Augusta's WRDO, and Bangor's WLBZ.

These programs usually consisted of a combination of play readings, faculty interviews, and live vocal music, usually from the Bowdoin College Glee Club and the Meddiebempsters.

Show hosts are predominantly Bowdoin College students, however many Bowdoin faculty members, as well as community members host weekly shows.

WBOR can be heard throughout the Midcoast area and sometimes as far away as Portland.

In conjunction with the switch to FM, WBOA changed its name to WBOR (Bowdoin-on-radio).

This sounds so silly but I would smile at students walking by the tour group. It’s the type of place where I can be waiting in line for coffee at the café and start having a conversation about anything and everything with the people waiting beside me, whether t’s a student or a professor. Money offered to these clubs never runs short and administration openly supports and encourages this type of activity.

Students normally wear either preppy, in jeans sweatshirts or just plain clothes to class, of course there are also the students who get decked out but heels or dress shirts are a big no-no on campus or get you noticed when going to class.

Many Bowdoin students feel that if they are not Latino, or not Black they can't be in LASO or the Af-Am. It is hard to reach out to students who do not want to be bothered. At Bowdoin we have the preppy students who rock their popped collars, the jocks with the sweats, and everyone else. Bowdoin is a bubble and I often find myself not knowing what is going on outside of school. Bowdoin is a very liberal environment, where anyone is welcome.

Bowdoin has one of the oldest African American Societies in America, the LGBT organizes an annual "Out Week" where all sexualities are recognized and respected.

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Relationships tend to fall into one extreme or another.

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