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The school goes on a camping trip and Leo sits alone on the bus, with Gabriel next to Karina.

Gabriel approaches Leo at the campsite and claims that he was so drunk that he doesn't remember anything from Karina's party, including the kiss, which Leo doesn't discuss.

Leo insists he will be fine, and his mother agrees under certain terms.

The exchange agency calls Leo about an American agency that specializes in blind students, but they still need parental approval. The project results in Gabriel replacing Giovana as Leo's guide home, and she gets angry when they walk home without her one day.

They wait for her the following day, but she refuses to acknowledge them.

He expresses his annoyance at their overprotective nature and how he doesn't want to be treated differently because of his disability.

Later on, Leo expresses his interest in studying abroad to Giovana as a way to leave his overbearing home life.

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A new student named Gabriel (Fabio Audi) arrives and takes the empty seat behind Leo.