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Gabriel comes out after this, insisting that he take Leo home, but Leo explodes with anger that everyone keeps controlling him and not even let him kiss anyone.Gabriel then kisses him and leaves quickly, riding home on his bike in a rush.Leo and Giovana return to school after holiday and classmate Fabio (Pablo Carvalho), who bullies Leo, makes fun of Leo's loud typewriter.When their professor instructs Fabio to move to the empty seat behind Leo, Fabio outright declines, arguing he will constantly have to assist Leo if he sits there.Leo finally confides his interest in going abroad to his parents and they outright disapprove.His father later addresses it privately with Leo, understanding Leo's interest, but is still not comfortable with it. The three friends go to a house party hosted by Karina.The story centers on Leonardo (Ghilherme Lobo), a blind high school student struggling with independence.

Leo is annoyed at her for what he believes is her interfering, furthering Giovana's anger at him before she leaves.

He expresses his annoyance at their overprotective nature and how he doesn't want to be treated differently because of his disability.

Later on, Leo expresses his interest in studying abroad to Giovana as a way to leave his overbearing home life.

The boys sneak out one night to watch a lunar eclipse, which Gabriel tries to explain to Leo using the placement of rocks.

On the way home, Gabriel realizes he left his sweatshirt at Leo's house and asks him to bring it the next day and Leo agrees.

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Leo eventually trips over them and falls, but quickly leaves, angry.

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