Black athletes and interracial dating rumit shah speed dating

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But because this infographic makes some assumptions about people in relationships such as mine, I bristled.

Upon bristling, I did some further examination of the statistics presented in this infographic.

I know I'm about to open a can of worms with this post, so I'm going to tread carefully.

I was sent an email asking if I would be interested in sharing the following infographic on my blog.

They eliminated 24% of Black men for being obese, but their source doesn't have comparable numbers for women.

Using this chart instead, I'll eliminate 39% of Black men and 59% of Black women. Of course, this kind of math does nothing to take into account that many of those people may have already been eliminated for the previous categories, but I'm trying to match the (il)logic of the original infographic.

But if that's the case, the Black men married to white women could just as easily divorce their spouses as a Black man married to any other race of woman, so it doesn't make sense to single them out exclusively (even though this article somehow conflates being married to a white woman as evidence that the Black man "aggressively pursued" her.

(Though, to be fair, I think we should argue that since there are more women who identify as bisexual, that means that we need to adjust the numbers in both directions because those women could potentially be removed from the pool by finding their mates in other women).

To not quibble, though, fine, we'll reduce two more percentage points.

The total Black population (according to 2011 census data) is 18.2 million men to 20.8 million women.

Of those, 28.3% of the women (about 4.6 million) and 35% of the men (about 4.7 million) are married.

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