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Bestukdatingsites co uk

Please send your API usage requirements to for additional information.

$ curl -XPOST -d '' 'https:// $ curl -XPOST -d 'id=c84936eef26eeb8aaef5ffc43f38ddb91adfd90ac27fb416bd0b21fe2edb1004' 'https:// $ curl -XPOST -d '' 'https:// $ curl -XPOST -d ' ASx Ko Obj ZXz X7p2M7L0' 'https:// This free online service is provided and operated by High-Tech Bridge.

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High-Tech Bridge provides you with a free API to test your SSL/TLS servers.

To assure high speed of service and availability for everyone, the free API allows 20 requests in 3 minutes, 250 requests in total per 24 hours, from one IP address.

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| High-Tech Bridge Security Research In December 2015, we conducted a research on SSL/TLS encryption of the largest public email service providers that helped several large companies to improve the quality and reliability of their email servers SSL/TLS encryption.

To determine the registration information for a more specific range, please try a more specific query.

Aimed to enable anyone to assess how secure and reliable his or her SSL/TLS connection to a server (on any port) is, the service performs five distinct tests: Test for compliance with PCI DSS Requirements; Test for compliance with HIPAA Guidance; Test for compliance with NIST Guidelines; Test for the most recent SSL/TLS vulnerabilities and weaknesses; Test for insecure third-party content that may expose user’s privacy.

| High-Tech Bridge Security Research The new version of the service enables companies to easily test any SSL/TLS-based services for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST, while the new API provides much more flexibility for software developers.

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