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Being friends after casually dating

Or he could say of a work of art what year it had been painted, who had owned it through the centuries, what churches it had hung in. Cunanan’s story is a singular study in promise crushed.

Wherever he went, he craved the limelight and aspired to the top, whether through charm or falsehood.

Both the reported this week that Ledger, 28, and the Olsen twin, 21, were dating.

Whatever their relationship, the two were again linked when reports surfaced that she received two phone calls from masseuse Diana Wolozin, who arrived for an appointment at the actor’s New York City apartment on Tuesday only to find him dead in his bedroom.

Cunanan considered Trail, a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, to be his best friend, and referred to him as “my brother.” Madson, a rising architect, was the great unrequited love of Cunanan’s life.

Although they had broken up in the spring of 1996, Cunanan still kept Madson’s picture taped to his refrigerator door.

Olsen told the masseuse she would call her security people in New York to assist in the matter.“He was more the tying-up-and-whips type—just the degradation, not the asphyxiation.” The weekend before Cunanan left California for Minnesota, where he probably murdered both Madson and Trail, signs were mounting that he was spiraling out of control. He had stepped over the edge.”Friends remember that Cunanan often drop­ped Versace’s name, and during my investigation I learned that the two men had met in the past.On April 18, Cunanan was in San Francisco and ran into his old friend John Semerau at the Midnight Sun, a gay bar, where he showed him a flyer for an S&M party he was planning to attend the next night. “He grabbed me around the neck so hard he was choking me by his grip,” recalls Semerau, who angrily told Cunanan, “ ‘Andrew, you’re really hurting me—stop it! Now I realize the guy was hunting—he was getting the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the kill. They had come in contact in a San Francisco nightclub, Colossus, in 1990; Versace was in town because he had designed costumes for the San Francisco Opera.Now the emperor lay dead, gunned down almost Mob-style on the steps of his lavish Mediterranean villa, shot in the head and face in broad daylight.The prime suspect, dressed in nondescript shorts and a baseball cap, came in close for the kill and then coolly walked away along Ocean Drive.

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