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Because we just started dating

So when you find a real bond with someone, it's hard as hell to let go.

D., now an assistant professor of human development and family studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.And in 2015, you can dump your ex, but unless you have the Herculean strength to unfriend him on Facebook and unfollow him on Snapchat, you're reminded constantly of his existence. "You can't cut that person out completely and heal." The result: a generation that isn't really sure how to break up.."You get one tiny little urge to email or text that person, and boom! We're also used to the cycle of swiping, liking, and e￿ffing — and while it can be spontaneous and fun, it can also leave you feeling like there's a pile of dust where your heart used to be.After years of on and o￿ff with Luke, Blakeley grew emotionally exhausted of the cycle.But when she recently resolved to end things for good, "it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done," she says.

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A strong connection with a romantic partner can be hard to shake because, to a certain extent, it's rooted in our brain chemistry. D., a professor of psychology at Concordia University in Canada, mated female rats with male rats he'd dabbed with a special scent.