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A., The, Aids to Learning, Inc., Aims International Corporation, Air Associates, Inc., Air Land Corporation, Air Pollution Equipment Leasing Corp., Aircraft Navigation, Inc., Aircraft Sales & Rental Company, Aits, Inc., Akton Industries, Incorporated, Alan Myer Stable, Inc., Alantrica Black Arts, Inc., Alantrica Black Culture, Inc., Alantrica Performing Arts, Inc., Alantrica Socio-Environmental Planners, Inc., Alarm Systems of America, Inc., Alaska Processors, Inc., Aldon, Inc., Aldwych Corporation, The, Alexis Lichine Enterprises, Inc., Alfia Corporation, Algonquin Company, Inc., The, Aljun Co., Alkem Corporation, All Star International, Inc., Allegheny Horse Farms, Inc., Allegheny Oil Well Drilling & Producing Corp., Allen Air Engineering Co., Inc., Allen Electronic Industries, Inc., Allen Padex Corporation, Allied Freight Distribution, Inc., Allied Medical Facilities Incorporated. C., Inc., Century Villages, Inc., Certificate Music, Inc., Certified Aspirin Corp., Certified Polygraph Examiners International, Inc., Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia, Inc., Chamberlin of Wilmington, Inc., Champion Container Corporation, Chanco, Ltd., Charba Incorporated. A., Inc., Congress Construction Corp., Congress Development Corporation, Congress Consolidated Acceptance Corporation, Consolidated Business Publications, Inc., Consolidated Color Corporation, Consolidated Continental, Inc., Consolidated Empire Corporation, Consolidated International Trading Corporation, Consolidated Media, Inc., Construction Engineering Co. D., Inc., D & F Production Co., D-K Enterprises, Inc., Da-Catt Investments, Inc., Da-Mar Delaware, Inc., DAF of Holland, Inc., Dahltex Corporation, The, Dairy Container Equipment Co., Dal-Grove, Inc., Dale Travel Systems, Inc., Damnco Corporation, Dan Moore Productions, Inc., Dancer Breeding Stables, Inc., Dari Delite Investment Corp., Darien Construction Co., Darlene Foundation, Inc., Darlene Shops, Inc., Data Systems Continental Corp., Data Usage Corporation, Datacap International, Inc., Datron Industries, Inc., Davis Foundation, Inc., The, Davis and Russell Contractors, Inc., Dayton View Terrace Improvement Corp., Daytron Lighting Products Corporation, Dean Leroy Foster, Inc., De Braak Inn., Inc., Decatur-Danville Scale Co., Inc., Degree Corporation, Del Amo Financial Corporation, Delaware Association for the Study of Alcoholism, Inc., Delaware Beach Development Co., Delaware Builders, Inc. ono Cleaners, Inc., Di Roggero Ltd., Diamond Aviation, Inc., Diamond State Co., Diamond State Post Number Eleven of Delaware, Inc., Diamond T Trucking Company, Diamond Transport, Inc., Diana Stores Corp.

Mattei Contracting, Inc., A & L Lead Construction Co., Inc., A-1 Letter Shop Service, Inc., A. Caro Charitable Foundation, Ace Poultry Co., Acme Engineers, Inc., Acme Missiles & Construction Corporation, ACMS, International, Inc., Adel Capital Corporation, Adina Corporation, Admos, Inc., Advanced Patent Technology, Inc., Advanced Research Capital Fund, Inc., Adventure Explorations & Salvage, Inc., Aegis Corporation, AEI Acquiring Company, Aero General — Unexco — Jet-Seters Int., Inc., Aerosol Devices and Systems, Inc., Afro-American Arts-Culture Center of Delaware, Inc., Agricultural Development Group, S. Wood, Inc., Cable Promotional Services, Inc., Cadillac Industries, Inc., Caesar Rodney Social Club, California Market, Inc., Camerson Stables, Inc., Campbell & Rickman, Inc., Camtex Industries, Inc., Canadian Colossal, Inc., Capital Marketing Corp., Capitol Climate Control, Inc., Capitol Pipe of Puerto Rico, Inc., Capitol Trailer & Body Co., Car Wash City, Inc., Carco Oil, Inc., Cardinal Associates Incorporated, Cardinal Envelope Corporation, Career Bound Corp., Carex, Inc., Caribbean Builders, Corp., Caribbean Metals, Inc., Caribbean Paper Stock Corporation, Caribbean Paperboard Corporation, Caribbean Partition Company, Caribbean Seafood Products Corporation, Carlton China Company, Inc., Carm Corporation, Carnavon Corporation, Carroll's Data Control, Inc., Carroll Land and Development Co., Inc., Carroll Stores of America, Inc., The, Carry Phone Corporation, Carson Printing Corp., Carter Leasing, Inc., Carterville Home Sales, Inc., Cartridge Tape Centers, Inc., Caruso Catering Co., Inc., Cash Discount Internationale, Inc., Castle Construction Co., Cathos, Incorporated, Caxton Corporation, The, Cebcon Corporation, Cebwell Company, Ceco Systems, Inc., Central Collection Company, Incorporated, Central Seway Co., Inc., Central States Salvage of D. Community Systems Research, Inc., Compact Cars, Inc., Compass Incorporated, Complete Construction Co., Inc., Complex Structures Incorporated, Compro, Inc., Comput R Score 300 Corp., Computab, Inc., Computech Corporation, Computer Aided Medical Diagnostics, Inc., Computer Banking Devices, Inc., Computer Contracting Corp., Computer Controlled Petroleum Services, Inc., Computer Corporation of the Caribbean, Computer Data Applications, Inc., Computer-Disc-Mastertape Corporation, Computer Facility Concepts, Inc., Computer Fund, Inc., Computer Graphics Systems Corporation, Computer Institutes, Inc., Computer Marketing Incorporated, Computer Medi-Fax, Inc., Computer Peripheral Magnetics Corporation, Computer Predictions Company, Inc., Computer Processing by Communications, Inc., Computer Pulse Components, Inc., Computer Space Industries, Inc., Computer Systems Center, Inc., Computer Traffic Controls, Inc., Computerized Home Information Systems, Inc., Computerized Stock Selection Corporation, Comshare Venture Corporation, Comtec Enterprises, Inc., Conaway Processing Equipment Co., Concord Realty Co., Concorde Films, S.

Williams Foundations, Inc., The, Fairfax Restaurant, Inc., Fairhill Investment Corporation, Fairway Nursing Center, Inc., Falocott Corporation.

of Delaware, Inc., Granite Productions, Inc., Great Lakes Chinchilla Corp., Great Plains Trucking, Inc., Great Society Corporation, The, Greater Delaware Development Corporation, Greater Heritage Corporation, Greater North American Enterprises, Inc., Greater Southeast Financial and Development Corporation, Greater Wilmington Pest Control, Inc., Green-Gold Enterprises — Hong Kong Company, Green Leaf Corporation, Green N.

Bundschuh Inc., Johnny Walker Boats, Inc., Jonard Corp., Jonker Corporation, Jonsson Corporation, Joseph J. K D P, Inc., K-T Enterprises, Inc., Kaiser Implement Co., Inc., Kamer Sales and Service Incorporated, Kari-All Hauling & Rigging, Inc., Karpf Industries, Inc., Keefe Company, Keil Family Association, Inc., Kelly Labor of Erie, Inc., Kelly Labor of New Orleans, Inc., Ken-Del Inc., Kenmo Oil Company, Kenna Litho Supply Co., Inc., Kennedy Corp., The, Kent Apartments Corporation, Kent Builders, Inc., Kentucky Thoroughbred Farms, Inc., Kenyon Dreding Company, Inc., Keystone Custodial Services, Inc., Kiernan Construction & Realty Co., King Dodge Co., King Ford, Inc., King Golf, Inc., Kitchen Salon, Inc., Knarr Fluid Engineering, Inc., Knowles Atlantic, Inc., Kool-Air, Inc., Kosanke Sand Corporation, Kramer Designs, Inc., Inc., Kratt — Porco and Associates, Inc., Kronfeld's Market, Inc., Kurtell & Co. Coon, Inc., Leasejet International Corporation, Leasit Corporation, Let- ro-Print Inc., Ledsco (Del.) Inc., Lee White Chevrolet Co., Lefi, Inc., Lehrfeld Enterprises, Inc., Leisure Homes Construction, Inc., Lejaan, Inc., Lemar Melon Shoes, Inc., Lemar Shoes, Inc., Lensmen Inc. Kelly, Inc., Leon Snelling, Inc., Leona Brown Foundation, Inc., Leonard Investment Company, Lester Banning, Inc., Lester Barrett, Inc., Lester C.

Liquors, Inc., L Squared Industries, Inc., Labb Investments, Inc., Laboratory Systems, Inc., Lacon Erectors, Inc., Laird Associates, Inc., Lakes Radiology Equipment Corporation, Lam Ar-Co, Inc., Lam Contractors, Inc., Lanai Industries Inc., Lancashire Medical Facilities, Inc., Lance Products Corpora- tion, Lancer Productions, Inc., Land Clearing Equipment, Inc., Land Technics, Incorporated, Lane Management Corp., Lang Yacht Corporation, Larpat Enterprises, Inc., Lasker Associates, Inc., Lathe°, Incorporated, Laughlin Enterprises, Ltd., Lauko Corporation, Laurel Theatre Corporation, Lawrence D.

Kilby, Inc., Georgetown Coal Company, Inc., Germany Industrial Park, Inc., GFA Industries, Inc., Giant Industries, Inc., Gilbralter Credit Corp., Giftwing International, U. Inc., Glazed Products, Inc., Glengar Corporation, Glenn Saxon Company, The, Global Mergers, Incorporated, Gold Empire Mining Co., The, Gold Key Homes, Inc., Golden Opportunities for Achievement Lab., Inc., Gordon Construction Company, The, Gordon Mills, Inc., Gotaverken American Corporation, Gotkin, Inc„ Gould, Cargill & Company, Inc., Graduate Fund, Inc., Granby, Ltd., Grandview Fund Inc., Granite Financial Co. Corporation, Greenville Sales, Inc., Greenwich Oyster Farms, Inc., Greenwood Lumber Company, Grey N.

Geiger & Sons, Inc., Ed Hays Excavating Co., Education Consultants of Delaware, Inc., Education & Leisure Systems, Inc., Edw. Higgins Foundation, Egrat Corporation, The, 853 Corporation, Ekistics Research Corporation, El-B Coal Co., El Cid Distributions, Inc., El Dorado International, Inc., El Monero Real, Inc., Electro-Ed Resources Corporation, Electro-Media, Inc., Electroculture Corporation, Electrodatic Controls International Co., Electron Surfaces, Inc., Electronic Circuits, Inc., Electronic Computer Programming Institute of Wilmington, Inc., Electronic Vision Industries, Inc., Electronics Communications, Inc., Electrophysics, Inc., Electrosleep, Inc., Elldeecee Corporation, Ellsworth Plantations, Inc., Elmer Wheeler Sizzle Club, International, The, Elsa Inc., Elsmere Community Athletic Association, Emardee, Inc., Emerson Chevrolet, Inc., Emily Films, Inc., Empire Advertising Co., Inc., Empire of Clinton, Inc., Empire Homes Corporation, Empire Investors Corp., Empire Ledsco, Inc., Enfield Intercontinental Corporation Enquire Foundation, The, Enterprises Publications, Incorporated, Environmental Lighting Co., EPI Development Corp., EPPS Supplies, Inc., Erie Forge & Steel Corporation, Erie Producting Company, Inc., Escapade Holidays Inc., Estate Holding Corp., Etiquet Beauty Products, Inc., EURO Sales Company, Inc., European News Incorporated, Eurplace Associates, Inc., Evco Mechanical Contractors, Inc., Ever's Storage Corp., Everest Enterprises, Inc., Everglades Park Co., Inc., Executive Associates, Inc., Executive Pax Ltd., Executive Products, Inc., Express Fund, The.

SIMPSON, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State. PETERSON, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed: A.

Belleville Development Corp., Bergon General, Inc., Beringer Research and Development Corporation, Berkeley Importers, Ltd., Bernadine Realty Inc., Bimini By Mc Mullen Co., Inc., Bio-Science Technology, Inc., Bionic Systems, Inc., Bis-King Corporation, Bishop & Johnson Contracting Corp., Bishop Research Laboratories, Inc., Bitter Root Stock Farm, Inc., Black Watch Colossal, Inc., Blood Processing, Inc„ Blue Diamond, Inc., Blue & Gold Development, Inc., Blue Hen Playhouse, Inc., Blue Moon, Inc., Blue N. Brandywine Reformed Methodist Association of Delaware and Adjoining States, Breeders & Developers Corporation, Brendler Insurance Agency, Inc., Brennan Chevrolet, Inc., Bresler Tractor Company, Inc., Bri-Niel, Inc., Briarcliff, Inc., Bridge Transportation Co., Inc., Bridgeville Bag Co., Inc., Bridgeville Diner, Inc., Bristol Investment Corporation, Brite-Lite Corporation of America, Bro-Rod, Inc., Broadwater Beach Arms Ill., Inc., Brook-Cooper, Inc., Bookkeepers Business Service Company, Inc., Brookside Bowling Co., Brookside Development Corp., Brotherhood Club of Bridgeville, Inc., Brown's Jet Construction Co., Inc., Brown and West Supply Co., Inc., Brunswick Fibers, Ltd., Brymar Enterprises, Inc., Buckley & Son Trucking, Inc., Budlee Associates, Inc., Dunlap Corporation, Burco of Albany, Inc., Burco Four Inc., Burco One Inc., Burco of Syracuse, Inc., Burco Three Inc., Burco Two Inc., Burlington Corporation, The, Burley Beef, Inc., Business Development Fund, Incorporated, Business Jet Services, Inc., Business Sentry, Inc., Business Values, Inc., BGI Corporation.

Filed by Debtor ASCO Liquidating Company (Related Doc # [217]) (Shoffner, T.)Notice of Joint Limited Objection to Claim of General Motors, LLC, Claim No. (RE: related document [228] Limted Objection to Claim filed by Debtor ASCO Liquidating Company) Objections Due: 4/29/18.

Stratford Road Suite 210 Winston-Salem, NC 27104 336-717-1283 Fax : 336-717-1340 Email: [email protected] Nicole Offerman Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC 5051 Westheimer Rd Suite 1000 Houston, TX 77056 713.425.7400 Fax : 713.425.7700 Email: [email protected] to (related document(s): [222] Motion of Debtor-In-Possession for Order Pursuant to Sections 105(a), 503(b) and 507(a) of the Bankruptcy Code Authorizing Debtor to Use Proceeds of Sale to Pay Post-Petition Ordinary Course of Business Cost of Administration Obligations filed by Debtor ASCO Liquidating Company) Reservation of Rights Filed by Creditor General Motors LLC (Parrish, Felton)Order Granting Application to Employ Charles Key, Jr., Karl Kapp, Denise Harris and Cliff Metcalf as Chapter 11 Team nunc pro tunc to March 12, 2018.

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B&B Film Corp., I3&G Oil Company, Inc., B&G Realty Corp., B-H, Inc., B. Inc., Bay State Realty, Inc., Be-Wright Developers, Inc., Beachcomber, Inc., Bearings Industry Corp., Beauty Mark, Ltd., Beauty Spot Productions, Ltd., Becorp, Inc., Behavior Systems Corporation, Behlman-Invar Electronics Corp., Bell Bench Community Builders, Inc., Bellanca Reinforced Plastics, Inc., Bellefonte Electric Services, Inc. Corporation, Blue Rock Realty, Inc., Blue Surf Motel, Inc., Bluestem Corporation, Blums of Augusta, Inc., Bobby-Joe, Inc., Bobron, Inc., Boca Raton Convalescent Properties, Inc., Bodel, Inc., Bogia's Cafe, Inc., Bohemco Corporation, Bohemian Surf Properties, Inc., Bojo, Inc., Bonny Shoes, Inc., Book Shop, Inc., The, Boston-Winter, Inc., Boulevard Realty Co., Inc., Bowlero of Southern California, Inc., Bowser International, Inc., Boyle Motors, Inc., Brad's Inc., Bradley Fund Inc., Brand Control, Inc., Brandywine Babe Ruth League, Inc., Brandywine Democratic Club of Wilmington, Inc., Brandywine Modeling and Charm, Inc., Brandywine 100 Liquors, Inc., Brandywine Real Estate Associates, Inc.

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