Are quinn and rachel dating

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If she says she wants to have sex with Finn, he asks her why, and she tells him that she needs to prepare for her role as a sexually Maria wakes up in the West Side Story.

Santana and Rachel sitting on a couch, as you enjoy Christmas, with the expression of their love for Christmas and New York.

When Rachel looses her virginity to Quinn, she enjoys it so much that she becomes a obsessive, horny, sex demon.

She tries to touch Quinn everywhere they go; the movies, under the table in the cafeteria, during glee rehearsals etc.

She is later seen in Artie's Christmas Special, along with her friends, where she takes part in the song My favorite things.

You are planning your wedding on the court house and announce it to the Glee club, saying that, although not all of them support your decision, you are all cordially invited.

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Rachel immediately told her that they were in the middle of the samples, but Madame Tibideaux your cuts and pointed out that you made them very clear.

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