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Anxious attachment style dating

Based on the size of the US population, there are presently more than 47 million Americans who have anxious attachment styles.That means that if you don’t have this personality style then you are most likely in relationships with people who do.One reason it is hard to control the hijacking, even though you know you really shouldn’t make that phone call, is that the wiring from your senses to your brain’s threat detection centers is quicker than the wiring from your senses to your cortex (where the conscious thought occurs).So, by the time you have had time to figure things through rationally, you have already experienced a surge of adrenaline which tells the rest of your brain that there is a threat out there that has to be eliminated.As the day goes on, you think about all of the other interactions you have had with this person.You remember other times that you have felt rejected and made to feel “less than.” You wonder if that person really likes and respects you. After a while, you can’t get it out of your mind, and the discomfort becomes strong enough that you pick up the phone.

If you don’t have an anxious attachment style, then this material will help you understand those who do.

The problem is that what you do to fix things often results in just making them worse.

For an example, check out this You Tube clip from the movie “Swingers.” Watch how Mike digs himself a hole by trying to fix an imaginary problem.

So, if you have this style, you are likely to pick up readily on subtle emotional cues from others, experience strong emotional reactions, take a long time to come down from those reactions, and ruminate and have your thoughts hijacked while you are activated.

Your thoughts then tell you that you have to fix the situation and you enact behaviors to do just that.

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Understanding this personality style and how it impacts emotions and interpersonal behaviors can go a long way to relieving distress and conflict, avoiding unnecessary damage, and promoting healthy and mutually satisfying relationships.