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Externally, the strengthening economic recovery in Brazil, the country’s main client for exports of goods, and in Argentina, principal source of FDIs and tourists, should also sustain growth.

After public accounts were hit by weak activity in 2016, the government pursued a more restrictive fiscal policy in 2017.

He jettisoned an opulent palace to remain in his modest farmhouse like a “regular” Uruguayan.

He donated most of his presidential salary to charity.

The nature of power, he said, was like a slippery fish.

Sometimes you can hold on to part of it, but more often it escapes even the grasp of presidents.

I turned off onto a long dirt road about 15 miles outside of Montevideo, Uruguay and drove towards a wooden guard shack that stood across from a small farmhouse hidden by a long row of trees.

Before the interview began, I asked him to turn the barrel away from us.We look forward to having you join us in our new endeavors in this space.In 2017, Uruguayan growth rebounded after two years in the doldrums.We sat in the guard shack and talked for an hour about inequality, the importance of learning to work with your hands and about his meetings with President Obama.The former president was philosophical and practical, comfortable with exploring the more abstract reaches of political philosophy while remaining a political animal attuned to the cut and thrust of everyday politics.

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This first platform – Women’s Advancement Deeply – will cover the pursuit of economic equality for women, from securing gender-equal access to financial services, to fighting for property rights and closing the pay gap.