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Adult dating in canaseraga new york

America and Russia have unique responsibilities here.If they revert to confrontation, we cannot expect, say, China or France to lead efforts to create a new world order and control the proliferation of nuclear weapons.Now Russians are complaining that the deployment of American missile defense systems so close to Russia could undermine Russian nuclear deterrence.Many in Russia say that the United States violates a commitment to avoid a "substantial deployment of forces" in Eastern Europe, which America and the West made, when the Russia-NATO Founding Act was signed in 1997.The dispute over anti-missile equipment in Eastern Europe should be resolved through a compromise, not confrontation.Even more important are Russian-American initiatives to invite other nuclear countries to demonstrate self-restraint and abstain from the unnecessary buildup of their nuclear arsenals.

New mistakes can still be made, but Russia is on its way to recovery.

America has failed to resist the temptation of unilateralism and preemption.

A new surge of the arrogance of power brought the United States into Iraq.

To demonstrate its point, the administration unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, ignoring Russian objections.

Now the United States wants to deploy the components of missile defenses (interceptors and a radar) in Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Only Americans and Russians can lead the world away from the biggest dangers.