A girls guide to dating a geek

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A girls guide to dating a geek

Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker launched the Geek Girls Guide in January 2008 as a place to publish their perspective on the Interactive industry and demystify technology for non-technical audiences.Their mission is to make web technology accessible and exciting and cultivate a movement of empowered women and men online by hosting safe, welcoming places to ask technology questions online and in real life; and educating non-technical audiences on the practical applications of Internet technology.In podcast #51, Amanda Costello stops by to discuss her role with Minnewebcon and how she got her start as a content strategist.




In podcast #28 we dive deeper into the ever-changing Facebook as we examine their new messaging feature. This week's Geek of the Week is Rachel Baker, a freelance IT consultant in Chicago who also founded the Chicago Nerd Social Club.

In addition we take a look at your personal brand online, how to showcase it, and things to keep in mind when building it. It was a pleasure to talk to her, and we really only scratched the surface of her geekdom. This week's Geek of the Week is Matt Wilson, who has the special honor of being our first male Geek of the Week. Jen is a Joomla geek who's been building websites for nearly a decade, but her geek roots actually go back to the 70's when she learned BASIC while sitting on her computer programming grandmother's lap. This week's geek is Charlene Jaszewski (@theredheadsaid). Erica recently used her skills and connections to raise ,111 in less than 3 months for Charity Water.

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That, or we’ve read each trolling comment like rubberneckers spying an accident on the freeway. Carol Cantwell is the founder of Fun With Financials, a company that teaches non-profit organizations practices that support informed financial decisions. What began as a brilliant idea has morphed into the most ignorable feature on the Internet. It's our "over the hill" podcast and we spared no expense with this one....sound effects. From Meghan's sister's wedding, an almost finished book, owning the term "girl" to about two seconds of a... Interested in hearing about our weekend at AIGA's Design Camp? After one final Summer trip to the lovely Geek Girls private island, this week's podcast focuses on ways to customize your online world for privacy or for fun. It's the music episode and the request line is open, so give us a call and dedicate a song to that special someone in your life.