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After the movie, King Bae offered to take the girls and me to get manicures next door to the theatre but the tummy ache quickly trumped that offer. When we first met, I initially noticed that King Bae took interest in cooking. On our way out of the market, I watched a six-year-old lose her battle to a tummy ache in a Food Lion parking lot.

Because I needed to meet this stranger I had fell in love with and eventually gather enough courage to share my true feeling about him.

It was almost 10pm and these adorable chatty Cathys gave me the 4-1-1 on all of daddy’s business. Our Friday meeting was also the day that I revealed to him that I had fallen in love with him before our actual meeting. *BLUSH* Our Saturday morning started with him whipping up homemade strawberry crepes for the four of us. Let me take that back, the brother throws down in the kitchen. To the man who told me that finding a good man would be almost impossible since cooking ain’t my forte, na-na na-na boo-boo! When you’ve been rolling solo for so long some habits are hard to break. Super Woman cape is on the hanger and placed at the back of the closet while in his presence.

It was in that moment I knew that the duo and myself needed to be best friends the remainder of the weekend. Instead of shunning my feelings, he confirmed that he felt the same way long before our meeting. God knew exactly what I needed in a mate to balance my weaknesses. *cue organ, hold my shoes, praise break* After breakfast, he had to fulfill his parental obligations.

The only thing to do now was to count down the weeks until I get to meet the stranger that I fell in love with. The week had finally arrived but there was one problem. Being a single parent, I immediately understood and offered to reschedule my visit.

The family that was supposed to keep his twin girls had an emergency and needed to leave town for the weekend. Sure I was a tad disappointed but life happens and if no one gets that I do. Sis, like the very very first, ever see you/ meet you in person meeting.


One thing King Bae and I agree on is that there is no cookie cutter or conventional way to date, especially as a single parent.

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